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Jean-Sebastien Coutu
AI Marketing, SEO/SEM Packages, PPC Management, Monetization, ASO Optimization & Ranking, Franchise SEO, Lead Generation, Vanity Metrics, Niche Traffic Hunting, Local Citation Building Domination, Influencers' 5-Star Reviews (Outreaching). I hold a Master's Degree in Communication and Technologies from the University of Montreal (2003) and have over 18 Years of experience as a full-time freelance consultant. I'm a highly reliable and passionate lone wolf who is gonna find and acquire you the traffic and visibility you need to get sales.
Jean-Sebastien Coutu, M.Sc. About Me

I began my career as a freelance digital marketing consultant in Montreal in 2003, before moving to the West Coast in 2012 (Victoria). Back in those days guys like me were literally pioneers, developing new softwares, tools, strategies and lexicons. And most of our clients were selling stuff online for the first time ever. It was the beginning of a new era. Over the last 15+ years, I've acquired a wide and eclectic set of skills through my work with an incredibly variety of companies, firms and local businesses.

I hold Master's Degree in Communication & Technologies (University of Montreal, 2003) and also have strong credentials and extensive training in the field of web programming. I'm some sort of a white hat digital marketing hacker who finds himself enjoying every day (and night!) at work.


Increase your Visibility | Drive more Traffic | Improve your Reputation Digital Marketing Services

Victoria is not only the capital city of British Columbia but also an economic hub and a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. My target zone remains to work (in priority) for clients based in Downtown Victoria, Sidney, Saanich, Esquimalt, Colwood, and Langford. But I also serve clients in Montreal, Toronto, and other cities throughout Canada.



SEO Optimization Google & Bing

Most Up-to-Date Best Practices

I make sure the list of keywords is preapproved by the client

Local SEO
Local SEO

GMB Yelp Open Table FourSquare MapQuest

Make sure your brick and mortar business ranks better among your local competitors

PPC Setup & Management

Adwords Bing Yelp Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

Ad extensions, geotargeting, remarketing, conversion trackers and +

Niche Traffic
Niche Traffic

Coupons Aggregators Classifieds Forums Directories Authoritative Blogs Infographics

Drive traffic and potential customers that your competitors are unaware of

Get Positive Reviews
Positive Reviews

GoogleMaps Yelp Trip Advisor G2 Crowd SiteJabber Trustmus Trustpilot

Get in touch with the right influencers in your field and make sure they talk about you to their audiences

Social Media Metrics
Vanity Metrics

StumbleUpon BBB Facebook Twitter Youtube Manta Pinterest Flickr

Get more followers, likes, mentions and other metrics that impress potential customers

Why clients trust me My 3 Guarantees
I'm Selective

I'm gonna work for you ONLY if I STRONGLY BELIEVE in the potential of your business. Reputation is a key component in my field and I can't afford negative reviews. That's why I have to say no to potential clients 75% of the time.

Outsource with confidence

I don't have employees and don't hire foreign freelancers to help me. Only Iwill have access to your logins, passwords, data and metrics. And I use a variety of encryption technologies to keep your business safe from any harm.

Reasonable Pricing

When you hire me, you just pay me for my time. I don't have sales commissions, salaries, or external suppliers to pay. That's why my pricing is at least 50% cheaper than what you pay when you hire an online marketing agency.



Initial SEO Setup
$1.450 one time charge
  • A Complete Overhaul

  • Fix what has failed so far or been compromised/sabotaged
  • 1. In-depth SEO optimization
  • 2. Neutralize toxic backlinks and bad semantic neighborhoods
  • 3. Get high domain authority backlinks (at last!)
  • 4. Profitable keyword recommendations vs. audiences
  • 5. Basic citation building campaign
  • 6. Collect genuine positive reviews on key platforms
  • 7. Social media profiles optimization
  • 8. Four-hour consultation



No Fixed Term Contract
No Commitment

Local Business
$450 monthly
  • Dominate Locally

  • Make sure locals find your bricks and mortar business
  • 1. Build a strong top 3 ranking on Google Maps (GMB), Bing Places, and Yelp
  • 2. One positive review added every month from a genuine local guide or influencer
  • 3. Continuous citation building process (no limit)
  • 4. Management of two different local PPC Advertising Campaigns
  • 5. Constant growth of compelling vanity metrics for your customers
  • 6. Includes a 30-minute consultation each month



No Fixed Term Contract
No Commitment

National Business
$995monthly + bonuses
  • Coast to Coast Traffic

  • Become a big player in your market (Canada/USA)
  • 1. First page Google most competitive keywords (up to 200)
  • 2. Mass optimization : website pages, business listings and social media profiles
  • 3. SERPs & rich snippets calling for an action
  • 5. Management of up to three different national PPC Campaigns
  • 6. Outsmart the competition by receiving a steady flow of traffic from niche sources
  • 7. Obfuscator hiding your insights data + digital marketing tactics



No Fixed Term Contract
No Commitment

PPC Ad Debugging
$225 one time charge
  • Get Unstuck

  • Adwords Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Yelp Bing Amazon
  • Your PPC Ad Campaign is not showing or working? I can debug it quickly.



Amazon / Wayfair
$525one time charge
  • Increase your sales

  • Amazon and Wayfair
  • One hour consultation + one set of instructions tailored to your store. I'm an expert. You won't regret it.



Online Reputation
$175 per positive review
  • Get 5-Star Reviews

  • GMB Yelp Trustpilot
  • Straight to the point strategies to get you dozens of legit reviews from your customers, suppliers and business partners.








Why do you ask for a Reference before contacting you?

I prefer to work with businesses that got my name from a referee (i.e. from a client I’ve worked with or a person from my professional network). Otherwise, I'm getting calls/emails almost every day from inventors, crackpots, nearly bankrupt businesses, or wannabee entrepreneurs looking for a business partner or free advice. So please, do not cold call me if you can't provide me the name of a referee.

Do you have clients from outside Downtown Victoria BC?

Yes. I'm serving clients nationwide and I'm also registered to collect GST/HST/PST/TVQ Taxes.

Do you perform SEO optimization by yourself?

Yes, it's always included in my pricing (as long as you can provide me your website's login/password). I'm an expert when it comes to Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Wix, Wordpress, MotoCMS. I'm also pretty good with Joomla, WooCommerce and Shopify websites.

Why should I get a Monthly Plan?

If you want your business to survive in those treacherous waters, you better stay alert and consider online marketing as a continuous process. 1) Your competitors will never stop trying to steal your customers. 2) Search engines, social medias, and review sites/apps keep changing their rules/algorithms. 3) Digital marketing efforts kind of stack up on the long term. Your best chance to keep increasing your sales is to have a traffic expert on the team.

Will you provide us with Audits, Reports & Analytics?

No. I won't. I'll be tracking your insights and data because I need a clear picture. But my job is to provide results, not reports and rich analytics. You should already have an employee in charge of tracking those insights before contacting me. I'm a goal scorer, not a marketing strategist. On the other hand, I can provide some support to install various trackers + 30-minute trainings.

Do you speak French?

Of course, yes. I'm a native French Canadian, raised in Montreal, who can provide an advantage to your business if you want to sell products or services to French speakers too.


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